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The Kingdom Vision of Royal Heights

We believe Jesus is reigning on earth as King, right now!

When we speak of Kingdom disciples we are talking about the reign of Christ in and through His people today. When we speak of Kingdom discipleship we are speaking about a movement of God's people advancing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth now!

Jesus' mission consisted of a four-fold goal:

  1. He entered earth's scene to announce the Kingdom of God's 1st century arrival.
  2. He is the Anointed King of God's Kingdom on earth.
  3. He baptizes every citizen of the Kingdom with the Holy Spirit.
  4. He is now bringing Heaven's culture and rule to Earth's domain.

In 2006 the church fasted and prayed as it sought the heart of God to understand what Kingdom advancement meant to Royal Heights Baptist Church. This was the outcome:

We envision a day when the Gospel of Christ impacts thousands in our community, and the Good News is declared to people from many nations, brining repentance, hope and faith in our Lord and Saviour.

We envision a day when every person involved in the church is loved and encouraged to passionately grow in Christ. As a family we strive to live out the teachings of the Lord.

We envision a day when individuals and families are healthy in body, holy in soul and spirit. We model love, hope and faith in practical ways.

We envision a day when practical ministries are caring for the personal needs of people in our community. Every member of the church is involved in serving with their gifts and talents, ministering to physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

We envision a day when the Word of God is central in all that we do. We are going and making disciples of all peoples, baptizing them and teaching them to observe the ways of God. We take immediate responsibility for Delta & Surrey to hear the Good News of Christ.

We envision a day when our worship is Spirit-filled and leads us to experience the Living Lord. As we come together for worship, we meet in homes, churches, businesses and facilities linked around the cities.

We envision a day when we will faithfully manage the resources God provides to fulfill our mission. Under the Lordship of Christ, our buildings, money, time and skills are used to impact people for all eternity.

We envision a day when we send out spiritual leaders from among us to plant and establish other churches with similar values and vision to impact their communities for Christ.